We Are Ready To Help You Perform At The Top Of Your Game!

No matter your age, sport, competition level, or goals, we are here to help you live a happier & healthier life. Performance & recovery programs are designed for individuals looking to change their life and take their game to the next level. 


Speed &

Strength &

Cardio & Weightloss

Flexibility & Mobility

Balance & Coordination

Warm-up & Recovery

Energy & Metabolism

Mindfulness & Peace

Diet &

Breathing & Stress Relief

Exercise Selection & Programming

Health &

"Hard Work Pays Off" - Mat Fraser (5-time CrossFit Games Champion)

One-On-One Performance With A Doctor of Physical Therapy

We work directly with you to ensure all exercises are performed appropriately & you are progressing towards your performance/recovery goals! 

Want to perform at the top of your game? DRVN Has you covered!

Customized Recovery Plans That Are Tailored To Your Sport

To train consistently, you need to be able to recover quickly and efficiently. Muscle aches are generally acceptable following bouts of exercise; however, pain is NEVER a normal response. 

We offer therapeutic massage, cupping, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and skilled manual techniques designed to help you recover quickly so that you can ATTACK your next workout!  

Online & In-Person Appointments Available

Not located in one of our practice regions? No problem! 

We offer flexible scheduling with virtual appointments. We will guide you on video to achieving your performance & recovery goals.