We specialize in treating painful orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. 

We are a mobile-only company and do not have physical locations. We deliver skilled physical therapy to you in your home or office.

All treatments are one-on-one with the SAME doctor of physical therapy for every visit. 

We bring all of the therapy equipment needed for each patient. Treatments include skilled hands-on manual therapy with corrective exercises to improve the way you move and feel.



How Can We Help You?

Hands-On Therapy.

Hands-on therapy includes therapeutic massage, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint/spine mobilizations, myofascial/trigger point release techniques, passive range-of-motion, and other techniques to help alleviate your pain and improve the way you move.

Home Exercise Prescription.

Our video-guided custom home exercise prescriptions (HEP) give you the tools necessary to continue your physical therapy progress between scheduled visits. Our HEP programs are uniquely designed to help you with YOUR specific injury/condition.

Movement Focused.

Our techniques focus on helping you achieve pain-free movement so that you can enjoy all that life has to offer.

Results DRVN.

We deliver one-on-one skilled physical therapy in your home or office. We believe that offering all of our services in your home provides you with the highest quality of professional care available.



The same Doctor of Physical Therapy will work directly with you each and every treatment for the duration of your care. Your care will never be passed on to lesser qualified support personnel. Our focus is on YOU!

Delivered Care

Every treatment is delivered to you in your home or office. We eliminate the stresses of driving to and from a busy clinic and having to share your appointment time with 1 or more other patients. Our focus is on YOU!

All Equipment

We bring all essential therapy equipment on every visit in our mobile therapy kit.  All equipment is cleaned and sanitized prior to leaving for each visit. Your health & safety is our top priority. Our focus in on YOU!


Amber Freiburger
Amber Freiburger
September 2, 2022.
I met with Dr.Craig to go over a plan that would accomplish my goals and meet my needs. Not only was he compassionate and caring to my concerns but he also made sure to explain everything in great detail providing me with as much information as possible and even going over the scheduled meeting. I did not feel rushed at all as he made sure all of my concerns were adressed. I could tell this is something he is passionate about and I am excited to be working with him!
Aaron Morrison
Aaron Morrison
July 29, 2022.
Last weekend, I reached out to DRVN regarding some shoulder pain, and was expecting to hear back the next business day (Monday). Dr. Craig Muchow responded immediately, even though it was a Saturday night, and was able to interpret my radiology reports and images, recommend some at home tests, assessments, and check my movements, all virtually. Dr. Muchow is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to his clients, and I’d highly recommend reaching out to DRVN to help get you moving pain free.
Julie Lemley
Julie Lemley
April 30, 2022.
I worked with Ryan B for 4 months rehabbing back surgery. I asked him to help me get in shape for one of those “big birthdays” that end in a 0 too. He came to my home and delivered my needs. He is the “real deal”! We worked out in my home and at a fitness center. He assessed my body and put together a program and goals for me. He was punctual, friendly,” got me”, knew when to push and when to back off and was so knowledgeable of the physiology of the body. I highly recommend using him and his company DRVN. I will hope to work with him next winter. Julie L
Aismaray Haro
Aismaray Haro
January 13, 2022.
I am very pleased with the results I have obtained and continue to see with with the care of Dr. Ryan Butz at DRVN Physical Therapy. I reached out to DRVN Physical Therapy hoping to avoid back surgery but was unsure what else to expect. Because of a car accident, surgery had been recommended by an orthopedic doctor as well as my primary care physician. My first visit included an initial thorough assessment and some light assessment work. Afterwards Dr. Butz put together a plan for my rehab. Throughout my visits he always challenged me while also ensuring I did not aggravate my injury. Because of the professional and friendly work environment along with knowledge and willingness to work an individual-based plan for me, I steadily progressed with each visit. I was able to progress nicely and regained strength and close to full function. During my last visit we assessed my function, pain level and abilities of my back. Because of my visits with DRVN I am able to do everyday tasks without the pain I previously had. They set me up with several ideas to continue home rehab while out of town and if in pain. Thank you to everyone at DRVN for getting me to a point where I feel positive about my ability to avoid surgery. I will forever be grateful and will always highly recommend your company and staff.
Jean Parigot
Jean Parigot
November 25, 2021.
I was in the early engineering phase of a wearable electronic product when I realized I needed assistance to understand the body mechanics of the arm and shoulder. I was referred to Dr. Craig by a friend, and I was extremely impressed by his technical knowledge of the human body and his ability to explain a complex subjects in layman’s term. If I ever need physical therapy Dr. craig will be my first call.
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams
October 29, 2021.
Very professional, explained how the excerises needed to be done very clearly, and made sure I was doing them correctly. Helped out with my pain and range of motion that I had in my shoulder. Would recommend to family and friends.
Alexander Marchica
Alexander Marchica
October 27, 2021.
Dr. Muchow is absolutely incredible. I suffered a severe injury from a motorcycle accident in late 2018. I was not sure I would recover and was led astray by other healthcare professionals, leaving me in a physically broken and limited condition indefinitely. I contacted Dr. Muchow to discuss any possible treatment or therapy that could possibly improve my mobility. I will say, Dr. Muchow knows exactly what he is doing. He has a wealth of knowledge and takes the time to explain everything in a way that I could not only understand, but then feel confident enough in my ability to overcome my debilitating circumstances after our conversations. It is a process, and you must trust in that process. After following his instruction over time, I have gained my ability to not only walk and then run, but safely exercise and enjoy activities with my family that I didn’t think I would ever be able to again after my accident. This man improved my quality of life and I will forever be grateful for his dedication, professionalism, and compassion for his patients. Because of him, I can pick up and hold my daughter and be active with my family. There is not enough stars to rate Dr. Muchow accurately.