Privacy Policy


DRVN Physical Therapy, LLC (Last Modified: 09/02/2021)

The information that you provide to us is important. We take care in collecting your personal information through our website and other media sites that we own and manage. 


What Information Do We Collect?

Non-Identifiable Information:

When accessing our website, our servers will log your IP (internet protocol) address, browser, time of visit, time spent per page visited, and how many pages you visit, among other details that are non-identifiable to your personal identity. We may ask for some information that will identify you as a user. This information includes data on the devices connected to our servers including the operating system, technology type, and individual device identifiers including geo-identifiers. We only collect what your device allows us to collect so we can process information to help better serve our clients. Please note this information can be checked/modified by you via contacting your device manufacturer and reviewing device settings. 


Identifiable Information:

We may ask for personal information related to your demographics and personal contact information including full name, email, date of birth, phone numbers, physical mailing address, work/school address, payment card information, insurance information, driver’s license, Medicare/Tax/SSN numbers. We use this information to help us provide you with our services. 


How We Collect Your Information

We will only collect your personal information with your knowledge and consent along with a verbal agreement providing you with information on why we need the information and how it will be used. You have the right to decline or refuse to give us any information, however, please note that some information may be required to receive services/reimbursements from services rendered.


Use Of Information

We use all of the information that we collect to learn how to better serve our clients by understanding the type of visitors we attract, the services booked, and the interest shown in each page/material presented throughout our website. We may use the information you have provided to call, email, and text to confirm appointments, send educational information, or update processes within your services. We will never attempt to contact you regarding medical information related to you or your health/medical condition as per HIPAA regulations. We will only discuss medical information via electronic methods within local jurisdiction laws regarding the health-information transfer. Additionally, we will only provide medical data with signed or verbal consent from you in a combination with identifiers to ensure personal information is accurate. 


When we collect your data, we do our best to retain the information via commercially acceptable means to prevent identity theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modifications. We cannot offer a full guarantee that information is 100% secure due to the nature of electronic online transfers regarding data security.  You reserve the right to request what information we collect, how we collect it, what we do with it, where we store it, and how we store it. Please note, medical information that is collected will be retained for the amount of time required by local laws for patient records. After that timeframe, your patient records may be deleted in an appropriate manner to maintain patient confidentiality. 


Is My Information Secure?

Your personal information is protected by commercially acceptable means. DRVN Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC will never contact you unsolicited to ask for your personal/health/medical information. We have taken steps to ensure our databases are secure and are confident in our ability to keep your information safe within our partnered electronic medical record system. 


Third-Party Access

Our third-parties collect information including marketing email, payment processing, content marketing, personal authentication of users, analytics tracking, advertising, promotional offers, and general metrics to help us understand our business functions. We will never share personally identifiable information without your explicit consent and understanding. In the case of legal correspondence, we may share information if deemed that the information may protect the safety of the public/persons, prevent a crime, prevent illegal dealings, unethical activity, and/or legally actionable activity. We will not share information with law enforcement or the government unless the stated purpose matches the intended use for the information. We will never sell or rent your information to any third-party partner for any reason.



DRVN Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC stores a cookie on your computer to track you while you are on the site. The information in this cookie is a string of characters that is meaningless to everyone and everything except our server. No personal information or patient identifiers are stored in the cookies that our data collected.


More Questions? We Are Here To Help!

Thank you for taking the time to read our policy on your privacy & rights. We take your privacy very seriously. If you still have questions or concerns related to your privacy handling or are unclear about any aspect of our privacy policy, please contact us ( and we will be happy to discuss them with you.